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The MCIA Research Group develops its activity at the UPC, a public institution for higher education and technology. MCIA Group was established in January of 1996 in Terrassa, Spain. Nowadays, the Group has been recognized as a Consolidated Research Group and a member of the Technology and Innovation Network of the local Government of Catalonia. Its research activity is focused on the areas of motor control and drive diagnosis, electrical motor design, industrial electronics, maintenance techniques, energy efficiency and high voltage transmission. The Group has achieved numerous international and national publications as a result of its research activity. The MCIA Group strives to achieve excellence in research by means of leadership and cooperation in research programs funded by European and Spanish institutions on a competitive basis. Moreover, technology transfer is ensured by agreements and contracts with industry or by the participation in Research Consortiums, and by means of its full-equipped laboratories.

Expertise: The MCIA Group has experience in participating in EU projects in the FP6/FP7 and has also participated in the related aeronautics EU project, as it is MOET from the FP6. The group has wide experience in power electronics, specifically in PWM modulations for motor control applications (as in VERDE Project leaded by SEAT in Spain). The MCIA group has electric machine physical knowledge, mathematical description capabilities of the electric machines, a wide FEM modeling background and, industrial experience in motor design, motor model and motor control. Thus, being capable to describe electric motors from with different levels of abstraction. MCIA is used to deal with industrial projects, adapt itself to follow industrial strategies to achieve deadlines. 


The MCIA group understanding of current industrial needs will help to ensure the development of a modeling tool with a high applicability potential.

This UPC group will participate throughout the whole project development: new library scope and definitions, analysis and selection of the effects to be included in the library, software structures and GUIs, processing modules and machine model generation tool, validation and demonstration. The MCIA group has also expertise in European projects to carry out properly the final assessment of the project results as well as the continuous project management.