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The main objectives of the proposed project are:


  • New Modelica ® library for design purposes of Externally Excited
    Synchronous Machines, Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines and Asynchronous
    Induction Machines.
  • Improved thermal model for the thermal evaluation of the machine.

  • New software tools with GUIs for guided model design from geometric motor considerations and torque and power demand profiles.
The achieving of main objectives let us design a Modelica library of rotating electric machinery with detailed magnetic effects and non-ideal flux coupling .


The project proposes the conception and development of an Interactive Development Tool Modelica-Based for Electric Machines, IDTMEM, which must be able first to generate an Modelica model for the electric machine, and later to estimate electrical, mechanical and thermal machine properties, all from completed or basic design choices, initially specified as parameters and torque/power demand profiles and basic consideration of thermal effects and cooling, as stated in project requirements. IDTMEM is foreseen as a type of IDE (integrated development environment), here targeted to support the process of designing electric machines.